The Simplified Diaper Bag

Baby number 3 gets the most simplified contents in the diaper bag of them all! Baby number one and two traveled with the entire medicine cabinet just in case, along with extra wardrobe, and practically the entire nursery shoved into a Mary Poppins bag. Small bag organizers have been my saving grace and as much as I would love to have them all matching, having different colors and patterns help me remember the contents and get to what I need much faster. These are my dailies in the diaper bag that cover all 3 kids and myself: 

Diapers & Cream 

I feel like we all know that diapers and cream go in the diaper bag so my real highlight here is the all natural diaper cream! I’ve only had to purchase one tube in eight months and we still have so much left. A little bit of this stuff goes along way and I swear parents it’s the miracle worker! We go back-and-forth between Pampers Pure diapers and Costco brand but the Weleda Diaper Cream stays a constant, I found it at Sprouts. 

The Calming Properties 

The calming properties are probably the most important next to diapers,  because if you don’t have a diaper you’re in trouble! We never leave the house without essential oil’s for the family, mommy little helpers, and baby tablets. Mommy’s little helpers are B complex and Gaba, if mommy isn’t cool then no one is cool! Teething and colic tablets by Hylands are amazing- They also have calm and restful tablets that I use for the bigger kids as we roll into the evening if needed.  (Our favorite essential oil’s are from doTERRA, we love so many but mainly use serenity and lavender for calming, and I always bring peppermint with us just in case of headaches) 

The back ups 

The back ups are important but you’ll survive without them! I live in Phoenix so the sun is just about always out, and I can almost never find my sunglasses. A spare pair of sunglasses along with extra chargers for the kids tablets, and a battery for mom’s phone keep me from stressing! Also not pictured, I always keep a spare pair of socks for the big kids in the diaper bag, you never know when you’ll have a last-minute play date at a place that requires socks. Bibs and Muslin blankets are always great to have in the bag too! 


Because you can never have enough even if you just came from lunch before you hit the park, right? And having an awesome snack bag is very important, keeping the bottom of your diaper bag crumb free is what we are working towards here! Try to skip the baggies to save our beautiful earth and put a few dollars into a washable reusable snack bag. They are leak proof and save a mess when a child decides to use your diaper bag as their seat. I found this cute cactus print bag at  And you can save 25% when you use code ADLERBFF at check out. 

Baby Carrier

Finding a baby carrier that would fit into my bag was important to me, as well as a breathable material living in Phoenix it gets hot!  After trying a few out we went with the KeaBabies baby wrap and could not be happier, and I think my little guy West agrees! 

To any new mamas out there and to any looking to simplify their diaper bag routine, I hope this Has given you a little inspiration! Tag me too you’re a simplified diaper bag routine on Instagram @nichoelleadler, I want to see! 

Warmly :)  


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